Big Power Big Block

Here is a Big Block Chevy 565ci.  This engine was designed with the goal of 700HP on pump gas as a daily driver.  We exceeded our goal by 40HP plus made some huge torque at 696ft/lbs at 4200RPM.   ”I drop it into 2nd gear at 60MPH and the ET streets light up”, said the client with a smile on his face.  We also designed this combo to handle a 100-400 shot of nitrous through fogger system.  Plus this engine looks great.


Thanks to Randy  for the fun build!


Here’s one for you Rick!

This was an awesome LS Series Project! We started out with the 6.0L cast block, Callies crank and rods, Wiseco piston (set up for a little nitrous shot), topping off the project with the AFR 225 CNC heads and a custom designed cam, and the Fast LSX RT Intake looks killer on this combo. Making 640HP at the crank, this project proves to be an awesome street machine, and we haven’t even hit it with nitrous yet!


Not only  do we ”Build Your Passion” while working on customers projects, we also build relationships with our clients.  This is a focal point to our business here at Fast Engines!

Classic 409

Here is a classic engine, the Chevy 409.  Just a stock rebuild for cruising but definitely fun and high on the cool and old school scale!


4.6L Modular Ford

Here is an awesome upgrade combo for the first gen 4.6L SOHC engine.  Bumping up the compression, installing stoutH-Beam connecting rods, and dramatically increasing the flow with a set of Trick Flow heads and Stage 2 Cams, this small cubic inch will really scream!  I love when I get the chance to rework all aspects of this project, it really opens the door for a real performance enhancing street ride.





Nissan RB Turbo!

Here is a RB series engine with some main studs to strengthen the bottom end, these engines have a stout block, capable of supporting 800-1000HP with the right combination.  One of the common issues with these engines is the oil pump drive on the crankshaft, we set up the crank with a new oil pump drive collar to support the extra length for the drive gear on the high volume pump.




Adding fuel economy to a VW 2.0L Turbo!

We often get the question, ”what can I do to my cylinder head while I have it off to do some other work”.  This is that scenario.  Our client wanted a little work done on his head while he was changing the head gasket.  So we go through the motions of cleaning and inspecting the head, speaking with the client on what his budget is and setting up a plan to do some mild porting with the valves and valve train components he already has.  We performed the performance valve job and blending the bowls and throats of the runner as well as resurfaced the head and replaced the valve seals, we did test the springs and found they were within the spec required for this application.  The client was happy with the added fuel economy and performance gained for the dollars spent!  Nice!




426ci Modern Hemi Supercharged!

Focusing on new and up to date engine combo’s and designs are part of the key to our success here at FE.  This cool project for our local Police Service’s Street Legal Race Program is a Modern twist on the new Hemi.  Stroking and boring the 6.1L Mopar Hemi and CNC porting the heads really make this SRT base come alive, and adding a supercharger really take it to the top! 




Audi A4 with S4 Twin Turbo Stroker

Designing an engine and making all the components fit is our specialty.  Our client came in with a cool combo, installing the 3.0L crank into the 2.7L block with all the good components to make it work.  The custom pistons and H-beam rods make the rotating assembly complete and the 1mm oversize intake and exhaust valve outfit the heads with a total redesign on the intake system.  finishing off the top end with the RS4 Intake (which flows 60cfm more than the factory intake).  For us here at Fast Engines the turbo street rides really “Build Our Passion” for real street power.



Diesel Power – Banks “Big Hoss Intake”

At Fast Engines we love making power, and the 5.9L Cummins diesel has huge potential for big torque numbers.  This Banks Big Hoss Intake conversion opens up the door for really getting into moding the cylinder head port design.





Real Boss 302

The Ford Boss 302 Mustang is legendary and always a cool engine to see and work on.  The unique feature of these engines are the high reving capabilities of the short stroke and large cylinder head combo.



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